• All-Time-Bestseller-Soft-Serve-Ice-Cream-Business-Package

All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package




Introducing the All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package, the best solution for entrepreneurs and food businesses seeking to create a delightful soft serve experience. This comprehensive package features the Gelprom GP 100 Series Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, equipped with key highlights such as a pre-cooling system, ultra-compact space-saving design, and a hopper agitator for consistent mixtures. With a lower noise technology and independent pump system, this machine ensures smooth operations and gear longevity. Its stainless steel beater and cylinder guarantee fast freeze times and energy savings. Boasting impressive specifications and powered by the Embraco Italian Compressor, it produces up to 30kg of soft serve per hour, equivalent to 350 cones. The package also includes top-quality ingredients and business essentials, such as French Vanilla and Swiss Chocolate powders, crushed cookies, delectable syrups, a vibrant Smiley Cone, and practical measuring tools. Elevate your soft serve game with this extraordinary package and captivate your customers with irresistible frozen treats.

• Gelprom GP 100 Series Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine


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