Fruit Jams

Fruit Jams get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of flavors. Crafted by beverage experts in Taiwan, the birthplace of Bubble Tea, these jams are a testament to our commitment to delivering an exceptional and delightful culinary experience. Bursting with natural flavors and crafted from fresh, premium fruits, our fruit jams are the epitome of quality and taste.

Whether you’re creating refreshing milk teas, indulgent frappes, tantalizing cocktails, and mocktails, or enhancing the flavor of juices, desserts, cakes, and pastries,  fruit jams are the perfect companion. Elevate your creations with the unique and delicious flavors only the finest ingredients provide.

Each spoonful of our fruit jams takes you on a sensory journey, where the sweet and tangy notes of the fruits come alive, infusing your beverages and culinary creations with a burst of natural goodness.

Applications: Milk Teas, Frappes, Cocktails, Mocktails, Juices, Desserts, Cakes, Pastries and more