Our freshly roasted, single-origin coffee beans offer a distinct taste of a certain place. These beans, sourced from a single farm or cooperative, have distinct flavor profiles that represent the ideal balance of varietal, climate, and rigorous production procedures.

Here’s what sets our single-origin coffee beans apart:

  • Pure Flavor: Unlike blends, single-origin beans highlight the natural characteristics of their source. Depending on the origins of the bean, aromas might range from light and lemony to deep and chocolatey.
  • Ethical Sourcing: We work with ethical farms and cooperatives that value quality and sustainability. You may feel good about your purchase because it promotes ethical activities.
  • Unrivalled Freshness: Our beans are roasted in small batches just before delivery, guaranteeing you get the freshest coffee possible, full of aroma and taste.

Available in a variety of Single-Origin Options:

  • Brazil Cerrado: Medium, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cashew
  • Columbia Cs: Medium-Dark, Brown Sugar, Plum, Swiss Chocolate
  • Guatimala: Medium, Citrus, Sweet, Muscovado

Upgrade your coffee routine and go on a flavor adventure with our single-origin beans.