Tapiocas and Beans Co. The company emphasizes having more than 20 years of experience in coffee roasting and packaging. This suggests a long-standing presence in the industry, which can contribute to a deep understanding of coffee processing and customer preferences.

Professional Team: The mention of a team of professionals implies that the company has a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. This team is positioned to assist businesses in creating custom coffee blends tailored to their unique needs.

Custom Blends: Tapiocas and Beans Co. is positioned as a partner in helping businesses create custom coffee blends. This service is extended to a diverse range of businesses, including craft brands with local or national distribution, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and single cafes in Metro Manila.

Versatile Solutions: The statement indicates that Tapiocas and Beans Co. caters to a broad spectrum of businesses, showcasing versatility in their offerings. Whether a business is large-scale with national distribution or a smaller local cafe, the company claims to have a ready-to-use coffee solution for every taste.

Geographical Focus: The reference to “Metro Manila” suggests a specific geographical focus. This could imply that the company is particularly adept at serving businesses in this region or has a strong presence there.


Tapiocas & Beans Co. is committed to delivering a high-quality and customized coffee experience for its customers. The use of industry-standard tools and adherence to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) protocols demonstrate a dedication to quality and precision in the coffee roasting and packaging process. The emphasis on involving customers in the development process through free samples and collecting feedback is a customer-centric approach. This not only ensures customer satisfaction but also allows for continuous improvement based on the preferences and insights of the consumers. 


  • Light Roast: From South America Light roast coffee beans originate from coffee cherries grown in diverse coffee-producing regions globally. Subjected to a brief roasting process at lower temperatures, these beans maintain their original flavors. Light roast coffee is recognized by its light brown color, higher acidity, and a nuanced taste profile featuring vibrant floral or fruity notes.
  • Medium Roast:  From Colombia come from coffee cherries cultivated in various coffee-producing regions worldwide. These beans undergo a moderate roasting process, striking a balance between the characteristics of light and dark roasts. Medium roast coffee typically exhibits a medium brown color, a well-rounded flavor profile, and a balance of acidity and body, making it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts.
  • Medium-Dark Roast: From Central & South America are sourced from coffee cherries grown in diverse coffee-producing regions. Subjected to a slightly longer roasting process than medium roasts, these beans have a richer flavor profile with deeper caramelization and a darker brown color. Medium-dark roast coffee strikes a balance between the brightness of light roasts and the boldness of dark roasts, offering a robust and full-bodied cup with a moderate level of acidity.
  • Dark Roast: From South America originate from coffee cherries cultivated in various coffee-producing regions. These beans undergo a prolonged roasting process at higher temperatures, resulting in a dark brown to almost black color. Dark roast coffee is characterized by its bold and robust flavor profile, often featuring smoky, toasty, and sometimes bitter notes. The extended roasting process brings out rich, caramelized sugars, producing a beverage with a heavier body and lower acidity.
  • Organic Roast: From Papua New Guinea typically refers to coffee beans that are grown and processed following organic farming practices. These practices avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, focusing on natural and sustainable methods. The term “roast” doesn’t specifically pertain to the roasting process but rather highlights the organic cultivation methods used for the coffee beans. In essence, organic roast coffee beans come from coffee cherries grown without synthetic chemicals, aligning with principles of environmental sustainability and organic agriculture.
  • Decaf Roast: From South America refers to coffee beans that have undergone a decaffeination process to reduce their caffeine content. The decaffeination process can be achieved through various methods, such as using organic solvents or water. Despite the reduction in caffeine, decaf roast coffee beans are still sourced from coffee cherries grown in various coffee-producing regions globally. The term “roast” in this context doesn’t specifically denote the roasting process but rather emphasizes that the coffee has been decaffeinated. Decaf roast coffee beans are suitable for individuals who want to enjoy coffee with lower caffeine levels.

Services and Capabilities

House Blends: The company offers a selection of house blends, suggesting a range of pre-established coffee options for clients to choose from.

Precise Packaging: After selecting a house blend, the company claims to precisely package the coffee to the client’s exact specifications. This implies a high level of customization to meet the specific preferences and branding requirements of each client.

Custom Branding: Tapiocas and Beans Co. offers custom branding options for the packaged coffee. This allows businesses to establish and promote their own brand identity through the coffee packaging.

Various Packaging Formats: The statement outlines multiple packaging formats available for the custom coffee blends, including cups for Keurig and Nespresso pods, compostable pods for Keurig, one-cup filter pods, cold brew pitcher packs, portion packs, and traditional bags. This reflects a commitment to providing diverse packaging solutions to meet the varied needs and preferences of their clients.

Efficient Turnaround: The mention of a state-of-the-art facility and advanced inventory management system suggests an efficient production process. Tapiocas and Beans Co. claims that they can develop and package custom coffee blends in a matter of weeks, indicating a quick turnaround time for their services.