• Frozen-Yogurt-Dessert-Business-Package
  • Frozen-Yogurt-Dessert-Business-Package

FROYO Frozen Yogurt Business Package


The Machine:
Gelprom GP 100 Series Frozen Yogurt Machine

key highlights:
• pre-cooling system
• ultra-compact space-saving
• hopper agitator keeps mixtures in fluid consistency
• lower noise technology
• independent pump system for gear life and flexible pump performance
• stainless steel beater and cylinder for fast freeze down time saving on energy

• digital control panel
• hopper agitator mixer
• independent refrigeration system
• maintains product temperature during long standby periods
• dispense counter display
• low-level indicating light
• microprocessor control regulates refrigeration
• freezing cylinder protection
• protection against over, low, and overload voltages
• transparent discharge door

• model: GP100
• size: 323x781x914mm
• weight (net/gross) 95kg/115kg
• power supply: 220V/60HZ
• rated power input: 1.8KW
• hopper capacity: 12 liters
• freezing cylinder: 2 liters
• mix deliver system: gravity feed
• compressor: Embraco Italian Compressor
• hourly production kg: 30KG
• hourly production 80g servings: 350 cones

The optimal performance of the machine is contingent upon factors such as proper machine handling, optimal operation, adherence to cleaning and safety guidelines, and the environment in which they are operated.

Ingredients and Business Essentials:

• 10 TOP Series Frozen Yogurt Yogurt Base Powder 1kg
• 1 TOP Series Strawberry Syrup
• 1 TOP Series Mango Syrup
• 1 TOP Series Blueberry Syrup
• 1 Sundae Cup 8oz 1000pcs
• 1 White Sundae Spoon 400 est.
• 1 Measuring Pitcher 5L
• 1 Wire Whisk

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*Our service team will provide expert recommendations on alternatives and other best-selling products in case of unavailabilities.
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Presenting the FROYO Frozen Yogurt Business Package, a comprehensive solution tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs and food businesses. At the heart of this package lies the exceptional Gelprom GP 100 Series Frozen Yogurt Machine. Boasting a pre-cooling system and compact design, this machine maximizes efficiency without compromising on quality. The hopper agitator ensures fluid consistency, while the lower noise technology provides a pleasant operating environment. With its independent pump system, stainless steel beater, and cylinder, it achieves fast freeze times and significant energy savings. Powered by the Embraco Italian Compressor, it produces an impressive 30kg of delectable frozen yogurt per hour, serving up to 350 delightful cones. The package also includes premium ingredients such as Top Series Frozen Yogurt Base Powder, a selection of tantalizing TOP Series Syrups including Strawberry, Mango, and Blueberry, as well as essential accessories such as Sundae Cups, White Sundae Spoons, a Measuring Pitcher, and a Wire Whisk. Elevate your frozen yogurt business to new heights with the FROYO Frozen Yogurt Business Package and delight customers with irresistibly creamy and flavorful treats.

• Gelprom GP 100 Series Frozen Yogurt Machine


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