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Pure Matcha Powder




100% Uji Matcha Natural Ingredients for Beverage & Culinary Creativity

This authentic Uji-origin matcha powder epitomizes the essence of Japanese tea craftsmanship. This product’s vivid green hue and robust umami flavor are delicately balanced with subtle sweetness and gentle bitterness. A velvety texture reminiscent of the finest powdered teas reveals fine vegetal notes similar to freshly steamed spinach and delicate nori. The taste experience culminates in a lingering sweetness reminiscent of white chocolate, offering matcha lovers the chance to savor the rich heritage of Uji’s revered tea tradition.

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• net weight: 200g (7.05 oz)
• sold per unit; 30 units per box

• shelf life: one (1) year if remain unopened; six (6) months after opening the container
• storage condition: store tightly closed under cool, dry conditions; avoid exposure to sunlight; recommended storage temperature: 20˚C – 35˚C
• allergen declaration: manufactured in a facility where milk and products with wheat, soy and peanut is present