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Barista’s Manual Brewing Home Kit Package with business essentials and accessories


Business Package Inclusions:

With Business Essentials and Accessories

• 1 Aeropress (with 350 pcs coffee filter)
• 1 Black Poddo V60 Coffee Dripper – Porcelain Red (with 100 pcs coffee filter)
• 1 Besuto French Press 800ml
• 1 Coffee Mill Espresso Grinder
• 1 Gooseneck Kettle
• 1 Frothing Pitcher 600ml
• 1 Electronic Kitchen Scale
• 1 Powder Scoopers
• 5 Syrup Pumps
• 1 Pet Cup 16oz (100 pcs)
• 1 Flat Float Cup Lids (100 pcs)
• 1 Coffee Cup with Lid 8oz
• 1 Bubble Tea Black Straws – Individually Wrapped (100 pcs)
• FREE: 1 Frothing Wand

*Products, accessories, and equipment are subject to availability without prior notice.
*Our service team will provide expert recommendations on alternatives and other best-selling products in case of unavailabilities.
*Please contact our service team for further information on when the item will again be available.



Reveal your inner Barista at the comfort of your home with all the essentials to get your started in Manual Brewing: featuring our house coffee bean blend, Vietnamese Lam Dong coffee beans, four (4) of the bestselling syrups for coffees, and four (4) tools for manual brews – Aeropress, V60, French Press, Moka Pot.

With business essentials and accessories